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Some words from

our Chairman...

My dear old and new business friends,

some of you may recognise my face. Yes, I have been in power transmission industry for more than 30 years.

I still work hard every day in my factory to keep improving our products and services. I have to say, my passion for chains always remains the same.

The world is rapidly changing and we are faced with many new challenges but I always believe that you and I can stay positive and keep pace with the times.

I wish that you and all of your family members are happy and healthy. Please enjoy the journey of life.

- Mack Lu (1958)



Established in 2000 
12000 square meters
100-120 employees
we are Located in Western city industrial park, Zhuji, Zhejiang, China.
ISO9001:2008 certified 
We are proud members of the China Chain Association 

established 2000


We build quality and smart products, aspiring to bring satisfaction to our clients globally.

We pride ourselves on our people oriented culture.  

we are honest, friendly and trustworthy


we love learning and believe the key to success is our innovative thinking and cutting edge technology. 



We specialise in manufacturing chain products for the mining, palm oil, sugar, cement, timber and other industries. 

We specialise in in-house punching, CNC, milling, heat treatment, assembling, welding and more...

chain products for industry

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